Catch-Up Post: Weeks 35 — 38

Sadly, I find myself again writing a brief post to catch up on chronicling my New Things adventures in the past few weeks. Work, life, and novel-planning have shoved this blog to the back burner. Without further due, during Weeks Thirty-Five through Thirty-Eight,  I … 

  • Participated in a “Lagree Fitness” class at Studio Novo in Nashville, TN. An offshoot of pilates (which I’ve also never done), Lagree fitness is all about SLOW, controlled movements – a very different experience to a CrossFitter like myself. During the workout, I was most concerned with keeping my balance while standing and stretching on the machine’s sliding platforms. I was surprised to be VERY sore the next day, particularly in my inner thighs and my core.
  • Attended a “VIP” event at the National Zoo featuring an acoustic O.A.R. concert.  To start, my friends and I supped on free appetizers (including a selection of raw oysters, which one of the girls had never tried – she was instructed emphatically to “TASTE THE SEA!”). Of course,  also browsed the various animal exhibits. I even held a rather scary-looking Australian stick bug – which took a bit of bravery on my part, since it looked suspiciously like a scorpion (my biggest fear). Later, we watched (read: danced) just 10 feet off the stage as O.A.R. performed.
  • Went horseback riding in Rock Creek Park. Although my friend Dani rode as a child, this was my first time ever mounting a horse. I had a spirited black steed and Dani was given a stubborn giant named “Andrew.” Poor Dani spent the entire ride digging her heels in; however, Andrew simply wanted to go at his own pace. It was an interesting experience having my mode of transport be a living, breathing thing with its own unique personality. The ride itself was quiet and picturesque. Deep in Rock Creek Park, surrounded by trees slowly turning from green to red, gold, and brown, we forgot for a moment that we were still in the District and lost ourselves in the soft “clop clop” of hooves on the dirt path.
  • Saw my first performance at the Ryman. During Week 38, I traveled back to Nashville to celebrate my (26) and Caroline’s (3) birthdays. On Friday, my sister and I enjoyed up-scale birthday dinner at Kayne Prime in the Gulch – where the filet and the “risotto tater-tots” really stood out. Saturday evening my brother-in-law’s brother Mark and I saw Alt-J perform at the Ryman Auditorium. While waiting for the show to begin, I scanned the small, historic venue. With Johnny Cash blaring from a speaker, I noted that the Ryman was reminiscent of a southern church with its wooden “pew-like” benches. When the entire crowd (demanding an encore) pounded in unison on the benches in front of them, the entire place boomed and shook.

The real star of the show during the Week 38-end was the littlest birthday girl, Caroline. At 3, this was the first birthday she really understood. During breakfast, she listed off the names of all her “best friends” who she was excited to see at the party. Dressed in purple polka-dotted pants and befitted with a purple crown, we spent an hour bouncing around the “Hippity Hop” (a local children’s party venue) before unwrapping purple presents and eating cupcakes with purple icing.

The following afternoon, my family and I went for boat ride on the lake. As we sped across the water, Caroline stared ahead with an almost trance-like expression. When we asked her what she was thinking about, she replied with the honesty of a toddler – “… cookies.” While we were seated a nearby lakeside restaurant, Caroline and baby Andrew attempted to make each other laugh – Caroline pulling at the sides of her mouth and Andrew throwing his chubby baby arms forward, pointing and saying “No!” (with a smile to show that he’s kidding).

Later, Caroline sighed and said to me, “I wish my birthday would come back.” I responded, “Well, Saturday was just your birthday PARTY. Tuesday is your real birthday.” Delighted, Caroline asked, “So… Tuesday is my PURPLE BIRTHDAY?!?” Yes, baby girl, your purple birthday.





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